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0 likes : 400 views : September 12, 2015

I don't really want to write about this, but I have to for university. I am officially off the film I've been working on for the entire year and it feels great. Long story short, stuff got cluster fucked, the director and I kept butting heads, one day the director went too far with it and I left, now I have permission to make my own film, on my own.

I'm not bothered, like at all. To be honest I'm relieved. I'd been wanting to leave that film for a long time, it just seemed cursed.

The director proudly told me that our friendship was non-existent and never will be. As a person who makes a point of not getting particularly close to anybody and enjoys as little company as possible this is no skin off my nose.

If anything, I'm just happy for the post-uni time it's freed up. After uni I'm going to realize several ambitions of mine that I haven't been able to fulfill because of uni.
1) I'm going to join/start a band.
2) I'm going to start working full time.
3) I'm going to write comics, every, single, day.
4) I'm going to start a series of websites reviewing books, comics, music, films and television series.
5) I'm going to return to studying martial arts. (I used to do Shotokan Karate but uni drained all my energy so I couldn't give 100% during classes)

So yeah...not having a film to have to put through festivals is awesome for me. Cheers.

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