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Anyone who knows me well knows that I love nothing so well as hating stuff. Not really hating stuff so much as the fun rants that ensue when you tell people what boils your blood and why. So I was very happy to find out that in the merry old land of Oz we have a television show all about what famous people hate!

The show is called Room 101, and is hosted by Australian comedian Paul McDermott. McDermott spends an evening with an Australian celebrity, and the celebrity tells him what 5 things they hate, and McDermott then determines if it goes into room 101.

The title of the show is a reference to George Orwell's novel 1984. One of the government agencies in the novel is infamous for it's use of a place called "Room 101", which reputedly houses "The worst thing in the world.". By the end of the novel, "the worst thing in the world" is revealed to be a person's worst fear, which the government knows of because of their extensive surveillance systems in place.

So, as someone who enjoys telling people what I hate and why, here are the 5 things I want to put in Room 101.

1: Musical Purists: What I mean by this is people who love a band, then suddenly the band tries out a new musical direction, and suddenly every fan the band ever had deserts because they "sold out". Do these people even know what "selling out" means? It means accepting money to do something that is specifically uncharacteristic of you. An example of selling out, is a pro-gay advocate, supporting an anti-gay movement because they were paid for it. What selling out is not, is when a band decides they want to try a new sound, so they try something a little more mainstream and the fans all claim they're "selling out". If the band tries something more experimental, they're a huge success. If you look at KoRn, they started to experiment with more mainstream styles and now the metal community hates them for it. If you look at Radiohead, they started out a guitar band, but their album "Kid A" and afterwards, they were showered with more worship than they ever got. Why was Korn berated while Radiohead was worshiped? Fracking musical purists who think that bands should only ever be one thing and never move from there.

2: News. The news is supposed to update us on current affairs and the happenings on the world. Yet all we get are half-baked sensationalist stories about issues which have been present for years, intermingled with irrelevant celebrity drama which affects the world in no way shape or form. This really needs to change. I understand that we need escapism, but ultimately that escapism does nothing to change the world, or to educate younger people about it's problems. Not only this, but a news program reports on an issue. If that issue gets good ratings, it's all they follow for months, making it appear more prevalent and severe than it actually is. Sinkholes was a big thing in the news in Australia a few months ago. Just about everyday in the news there was something about a sinkhole somewhere in the world, when in actual fact, the occurrence of sinkholes hadn't increased at all. The news just did a report on them one day and everyone was scared, so they marketed on that fear. The same thing happened with racist police in America. One new report got a huge hit, and suddenly every copper in America was a racist, when in actual fact, racist police have neither increased nor decreased in the past few years (this fact was confirmed by an American friend). If there's ever to be any progress, we need to get celebrity drama, ratings-grabbing sensationalist crap out of mainstream media.

3: Social Media. I have a facebook and a twitter account. I hate them both. I only use facebook to keep in touch with my girlfriend and classmates (being a film maker requires much communicates) and twitter I use to network with comics professionals. Once my girlfriend and I get married I will be deleting my facebook account. My Twitter account will remain open, but purely for business. Why do I hate social media? It promotes shallow social relationships. It takes away any "Social" aspect of the words "Social" and "Media". It is an avenue for addiction, which, let's face it. The world doesn't need something else people can become addicted to. It's given the ignorant a voice. Ever watched those news or current affair shows with a twitter or facebook live feed? It is impossible to keep track of how many of those comments are actually informed, not-biased and applicable to the discussion at hand.

4: No Baby Shaming. I mean seriously, wtf? No Baby Shaming is a relatively new phenomenon, having emerged only a few years ago. But now, apparently it's okay to accuse people of being "selfish" should a couple decide they don't want a child. If any of you shamers are out there, let's set the record frakking straight shall we? "Selfishness" is the act of denying one person something they desire, or that would be useful to them, because you determine your need/want greater, or their need/want irrelevant. Example, if I had been playing a game for several hours and my sister wanted to have a go but I denied her simply because I wanted to keep playing, that is selfishness. What is NOT selfish, is deciding against having children. What is selfish, is having children despite the fact that you don't have the means to support one, purely because you want one. I hate the phrase "I want a baby", because it implies that no other desire matters. Having a baby is a deep, deep commitment, and so many people are undertaking it without being truly ready, but they do it anyway because the pressure is so immense! Seriously people, it's none of your business whether people have kids or not. Get over it.

5: Post 90's Parenting Techniques. Honestly, did the year 2000 hit and everyone just took the same pill that turned them into an over-analytical, overly-sensitive pansy? During my childhood I was raised with love and affection. My parents spent a lot of time on me, making sure I grew up kind, mature, polite and intelligent. I was smacked, I was yelled at, I was disciplined. And you know what? I'm all the better for it! These days, we're getting all these rules dictating things we can't say to our kids like "you can't tell your child they're failing" or "you mustn't smack your children." Thing is, those people will always turn around and say "I don't know what's wrong with this generation today." Seriously? We pamper and adhere to the whims of little shits who are raised with gentle words that teach no boundaries. You count to three, the kid knows he can get away with anything. However if you count to three and then smack the little bastard, I swear to you that little shunt will not do whatever it was he was doing ever again. Rinse and repeat for a child that is raised knowing right from wrong, knowing respect, being well-mannered, being well-behaved and just generally a better person. And what's with this not telling kids they're failing in their studies BS? Here's some hard news people, life isn't fair. It's hard, it's full of disappointment and it's challenging, but if you raise your kids knowing disappointment, rearing them to handle it, to learn and get stronger from it, then you will never have to worry that one day when they are confronted with one of life's trials that they won't be able to handle it and take the easy way out. My parents raised me not getting everything I wanted, explaining things calmly, telling me that not everything can go my way all the time and encouraging me to dust myself off and move on. Nowadays we've got people throwing temper tantrums into their 20's and 30's and it's depressing.

Once again, too tired to edit. Grammatical errors be hanged.

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